Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Beautyland Beauty Supply Store Finds

Hey hey. I just wanted to share with you all a few items that I picked up last week while shopping at Beauty Land beauty supply store.  

NK lipstick $1.00 Lavender tint, Pink tint, and Coral pink
NK shimmer eyeliners $1.00 Fuchsia  and Green
4 pair of silver hoop earrings $1.99

I also got a gift from my girl Shana who attended the Nordstrom Rack bloggers preview (check out her YouTube video here). The store officially opened in downtown DC (1800 L Street NW Washington, DC 20036) on Thursday 4/18/2013.  She gave me this NYX cream shadow in Olive Branch. Very pretty color but it dries pretty fast so you have to move quick with this product lol.


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    1. Thanks lady! And you know I'm trying to figure out a nice pink to go along with it :)