Sunday, April 24, 2011

K&G Haul

I always thought K&G was a men’s store with suits and stuff.  Boy was I wrong.  My husband was in a wedding last Saturday and the fellas got their suits from K&G.  I decided to ride along with him just to see what they had in the store.  To my amazement it was just like a TJ Maxx or Burlington or Marshalls.  They had lots of brands at very very low prices.  I didn’t get a chance to really look in the store good so I decided to google them to see if they had website and they did!!! 

So, I found a look that I wanted to recreate…

and thought that I’d search K&G to see what I could find.  Well…here is what I put together (minus the clutch…and I’m sure for a whole lot less :) )

(This is MY interpretation of the look…the way I see MYSELF with this look.  Yes I know it’s not exact, and the colors are different, but again, this is Mickey’s interpretation of this look J )

Kenneth Cole Reaction Grey Ruffled Blouse $19.99
Ruffled collar buttons in the back (single button) and it’s cinched at the waist.  I decided that this was the type of blouse I could tuck in and it give you a different look.

AK Anne Klein Black Stretch Skirt $19.99…on sale for $9.99
It was a belted, high-waisted pencil skirt with a little stretch in it.  However, I did not end up wearing this skirt because I ordered a size too small and the store didn’t have my size. L  So I wore just a simple a-line black skirt that I’ve had for a while. I ended up exchanging the skirt for some perfume.

Nine West Angel Eyes Black Lattice Peep-Toe Pumps $19.99…on sale for $9.99
Stylish pumps by Nine West have thin straps around the front, a zipper in the back and a stacked stiletto heel.  I did not wear these because it was raining. L But the weather is starting to break so I’m going to finally get to wear these.

I also got…

Dark-Wash Distressed Jeans $19.99…on sale for $9.99
Skinny jeans with paint splatters and worn patches. I needed some jeans and I thought these were a little unique.  I like the cut…they fit my curves lol so…why not for $9.99???

Robert Louis White Ruffled Blouse $9.99
Loose and silky, this blouse sports ruffles, buttons and lightly textured material. I liked this blouse more online than I did when I got it.  It was just ok.
I was impressed over all.  I’ll definitely order something from them again.  Let me know what you all think. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21st...

4 years of marriage today....yet it seems like just yesterday we were getting married.  From the day I met him...we've been the best of friends.  We compliment one another...we communicate to the best of our ability...and most of all, we love one another.  I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else!  I this man!  I can't find all of my pictures right now, but I'll update this post later tonight to share our day with you. 

Happy Anniversary to my hubby!


ELF Essentials Nail Polish Collection's my first post!!!
I am a huge fan of ELF products.  I'm a wife and a mom with very little money to spend on beauty products...and ELF gives me a pretty good selection of cosmetics that I can get at an unbeatable price.  Now, I can't really compare them to other products because I am just branching out into the world of beauty and haven't experienced all there is out there.  With that being said...I ordered some things from ELF and decided that I needed some new spring nail colors, so I ordered the ELF Essentials Nail Polish Collection.  This set was just $5.00.  And the polishes are normal size...not a sample size.  The collection includes the following nail polish colors: Blue Mist, Lilac, Mango Madness, Fuchsia, and Purple Pleaser. (Shown below respectively). 
When I got my nails done, I decided to go with the Lilac color since I was going to a wedding and their colors were purples and greys. (OOTD post soon to follow)  I love this color…however, I have on 2 coats of polish…one more coat probably would have been better.  The color of this particular one is a little sheer for me…I haven’t tried the others out yet.  Below are a few pics of the Lilac color.  Let me know what you think. 

Enjoy!  Please comment, follow me, tag me…you guys know the drill! 

Here's the Blue Mist color!  I took pictures with and without the flash.  This is three coats.  I find the polish to be a little sheer.  I think this might look better with a white base.  It's still a nice color :)

Here is the Fuchsia...the flash makes it look a little brighter than it really is.  It's still a nice summer color.