Thursday, October 18, 2012


#TURNUP!!! This past weekend us ladies decided to take a trip to Miami to celebrate my girl Nai's birthday.  Low and behold the fellas crashed our party. lol  We all had a good time none the less.  I wanted to kind of recap the weekend with some pics that I posted on instagram while we were there.  Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to Miami!

Picture me rollin!
Yup...this was the whip for the weekend!

Gotta love Wet Willie's  And they represented for Breast Cancer Awareness...Koozies for Boobies lol

Had to eat to soak up the drinks. TGIFriday's FTW!

Tattoos and piercings...Pirate Tattoo is where we got these done. I didn't get a good pic of Nai's tragus piercing, but you can check out her video here.  And also check out her Flirty 30 birthday recap here
It's always a MUST for me to get my hair done when we come to Miami!
Check out Hair DeVinci's facebook page.

Mi Amigas...Shana and Naima!

Beautiful scenery!

Pour up, drank, head shot, drank, Sit down, drank, stand up, drank, Pass out, drank, wake up, drank LMAO!  But that's the kind of weekend it was! #TURNUP

Just me!  I need to learn how to take better pics of myself LOL

"Chichi get the yayo"  The place where the Scarface hotel scene was filmed is now a Johnny Rockets.

Ready for our last night out in Miami

If you are ever in Miami...go here to eat.  The food is YUMMO!!!

So long Miami....We'll see you again real soon!