Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Work ready FOTD 15 min. or less...Day 3

I think I have gotten into the groove now. Here we are at day 3 of my challenge. (Listed below are the products I used). What do you think? Can you do a full face in less than 15 minutes?

Elf primer, elf 100 color palette nutral shimmer shadow on the lid and a dark burgundy for the outer corner, milani liquifeye liner, almay one coat dial up mascara

MAC studio fix powder foundation and milani blush in mai-tai

Maybelline baby lips in pink punch, NYX lipliner in currant and NK lipstick in urban (916)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Work ready FOTD 15 min. or less...Day 2's day 2 of my work ready FOTD in under 15 minutes. Here are the products I used. Feel free to join me in this challenge. I'd love to see your looks!

Elf primer, elf 100 color palette pinky shimmer shadow on the lid and a brown for the outer corner, milani liquifeye liner, almay one coat dial up mascara

MAC studio fix powder foundation and milani blush in luminous

Maybelline baby lips in pink punch, MAC chestnut lipliner and NYX lipgloss in pinky natural

Monday, November 19, 2012

Work ready FOTD in less than 15 minutes

Hey hey. So I'm always rushing in the morning to get out the door and to work. I rarely have time to "beat my face". So I was given a challenge this week to do a full face of makeup every day in under 15 minutes. And here is today's face...

Elf primer, elf 100 color palette pinky/natural shimmer shadow on the lid and a brown for the outer corner, milani liquifeye liner, maybelline big lash mascara

MAC studio fix powder foundation and milani blush in luminous

Maybelline baby lips in pink punch, wet n wild lipstick in sugar plum fairy

Why don't you do this challenge with me?  I'd love to see your 15 minute makeup looks!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


#TURNUP!!! This past weekend us ladies decided to take a trip to Miami to celebrate my girl Nai's birthday.  Low and behold the fellas crashed our party. lol  We all had a good time none the less.  I wanted to kind of recap the weekend with some pics that I posted on instagram while we were there.  Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to Miami!

Picture me rollin!
Yup...this was the whip for the weekend!

Gotta love Wet Willie's  And they represented for Breast Cancer Awareness...Koozies for Boobies lol

Had to eat to soak up the drinks. TGIFriday's FTW!

Tattoos and piercings...Pirate Tattoo is where we got these done. I didn't get a good pic of Nai's tragus piercing, but you can check out her video here.  And also check out her Flirty 30 birthday recap here
It's always a MUST for me to get my hair done when we come to Miami!
Check out Hair DeVinci's facebook page.

Mi Amigas...Shana and Naima!

Beautiful scenery!

Pour up, drank, head shot, drank, Sit down, drank, stand up, drank, Pass out, drank, wake up, drank LMAO!  But that's the kind of weekend it was! #TURNUP

Just me!  I need to learn how to take better pics of myself LOL

"Chichi get the yayo"  The place where the Scarface hotel scene was filmed is now a Johnny Rockets.

Ready for our last night out in Miami

If you are ever in Miami...go here to eat.  The food is YUMMO!!!

So long Miami....We'll see you again real soon!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Making Faces

So last Saturday was me and the hubby's 5 year anniversary. Yaaayyy us! Lol And for any occasion he tells me to send him a list (or links) of what I would like. I’ve been wanting this for some time now so I sent him the link to Kevyn Aucoin's book Making Faces among other things lol (be on the look out for a haul on my YouTube channel . I am super excited that he bought the book for me! I started reading it on the metro yesterday and I couldn't put it down! I am so inspired by his know that someone can start with nothing but a tube of orange lipstick and become this renowned make up artist!!!  I’ve only read a little bit of the book but I find myself saying “Oooohhhh, that’s how you use that!” or “That’s how I achieve that look!”  I can’t wait to put all of this knowledge to use.  And all of my MUA friends and readers…if you’re reading this…be prepared for my questions LOL  I hope to have some lessons learned posts coming up for you guys…but until then…go grab this book if you haven’t already J


Monday, April 2, 2012

My First MUA Event

This weekend I was put to the test and I think I passed. I posted recently about how I wondered if I should take a leap of faith and pursue what I really and beauty and fashion. So, the day after I posted that I got an email from my go-to MUA, Shana Janelle.  She said there was a fashion show coming up and they were in need of makeup artists! What??? And you're calling me??? I'm thinking...ok, she wants me to be her I can get an up close look at what I'll be getting myself into and I can see if his is really the shift I want to make. Boy was I wrong! She couldn't make the event so she asked me if I wanted to do it! *blankstare* Me?? Can I do this?? Am I good enough of to pull this off?? I had a million questions, I was nervous and my heart was racing! But...obviously Shana thought enough of me to ask and thought I was perfect for the job. So...I strapped on my big girl pants and accepted the challenge. 

The event was the Sisters In Harmony Knowledge Tour.  In addition to the authors they had speaking throughout the day and the vendors with all type of fun things, there was a fashion show featuring designs from Phine Phit Phashions

Now the young lady that I had the pleasure to work with, Shalia Ali, is an up and coming makeup artist just like me. So we both had butterflies and were a little nervous about the event.  We planned out what type of looks we would do and what we should pack in our kits…you know, dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s.  So the night before the show, I sat and looked at my kit for a very long time.  Did I have everything?  Did I need to make a last minute run to Walmart to pick up anything?  At about 1am I though…”Mickey, go to sleep!  You’ve got a big day ahead of you.” 

The next morning I got an awful text from Shalia…we were no longer going to be doing the event due to some communication issues.  *insert crying face here* I was super upset about this.  My first experience as an MUA was almost null and void.  But thanks to Shalia’s persistence, she got in touch with the designer herself and inquired if she still needed MUAs for the event.  Mind you…it’s about 3:30pm and the show was to start at 7pm.  YIKES!!!  Shalia texted me and the fire was lit under my feet.  Hopped in the shower, got the kids ready to go to their grandparent’s house, luckily my kit was still packed, and I ran out the door. 

We made it there by 5pm which was not bad considering all that had taken place early in the day.  We get there and there’s a handful of models there bustling about, getting themselves prepared for the show.  We set up our area and start beating some faces (no models were hurt in the beating of their faces lol).  Many of the girls were somewhat young and didn’t need the whole kit and caboodle done to their faces.  Shalia and I had really nice FOTD’s and the girls decided that those were the two looks that they wanted.  Those that wanted Shalia’s look went to her and those that wanted my look came to me.  I think each of us did about 3-4 faces each.  Most of them got their eyes, cheeks and lips done.  Pretty easy for our first time out the box.  Everyone loved their looks and was happy at how the makeup turned out.    

Here are the few pictures that I was able to get from the event.  I think next time we will have to take someone along to take before/after pictures and pictures of us doing what we do lol.

Stay tuned for my next post on what this first MUA event has taught me.


Smelling The Part

Beyoncé Heat is a captivating fragrance that unleashes a spirited fire within. It is a unique expression of a woman's powerful sensuality: sexy, elegant yet feminine with an air of mystery, this fragrance reflects a self-assured woman, who is not afraid to desire and to be desired.

This perfume...I love it! Makes you feel super sexy! Great purchase and it also makes a great gift!


HM is the signature fragrance for men (but also loved by women) from Hanae Mori Parfums. A captivating blend of more than 50 essences made by masters in Paris, HM has been hailed as a classic in its own time, a statement of sophistication written in fragrance: refreshing, confident, enticing and lasting. Subtle and refined, HM never overpowers. It always impresses.

So what it's for a man...I absolutely love the way it smells on me!!!

What are some of your favorite perfumes???


Monday, March 19, 2012

Beautylish is Launching a Shop!!!

Beautylish was founded in February 2010 with the goal of improving the way that everyone discovers and learns about the beauty products that they use everyday.  Have you checked them out lately???  If not, click the link below to get priority access and earn rewards!!!

St. Patrick's Day OOTN/FOTN

My FOTN using my Coastal Scents 88 shimmer palette and "Money" Killa Monroe Glitter

I was nervous about wearing my nerd you like???

Shirt from Target last year $5
Jeans from TJ Maxx about $15
New Balance 993's...these are a staple in my house...everybody has a pair lol
Jacket from Old Navy (Santa bought that for me)
Nerd glasses $10

I just wanted to show you guys what I wore out for St. Patrick's Day. 
Did you get to go out and enjoy St. Patrick's Day?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Which Way Do I Go???

Do you ever have the feeling that you made somewhat of a wrong turn somewhere in life?  Like...did you choose the "easy" way out and now you're rethinking your decision?  Do you know where you're going?  Do you know exactly what you want to do?  Do you know how to get there?  I find myself asking these questions a lot lately.  Although I love what I do for my's my "hobby" that really excites me.  But because it's only a hobby right now and is not making me any money I'm somewhat at a loss of how to move forward with it.  I have this passion for beauty and fashion and everything that goes along with it.  But what road do I take to get what I want?  How do I decide what is best for me?  How do I decide if it's makeup and beauty that I want to pursue...or if it's fashion?  Can I do both???  I would love your feedback :)

Confused Mickey

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Discounts for Drugstore Beauty Club Members

Have you signed up for CVS' beauty club? NO??? Well what are you waiting for??? For every $50 you get $5.00 extra care bucks. And being as though we do makeup and drugstore products are of a better quality these's easy to spend that $50! Plus have you seen some of their sale items that are 50% - 75% off??? Milani...Revlon...Wet n' Wild...Physicians Formula....Sally Hansen...if you haven't checked them out yet, surely you must! What I do (got this tip from my girl Naima) is pick up what I want and then go to the price checker scanner thing to see if they are on sale...that's if they aren't marked with a sticker. You'll be surprised at the savings. Check out my recent CVS haul video to see what I got on sale :)  And don't forget to check out your local drug store to see if they too have a beauty club :)


Friday, January 20, 2012

Makeup & Moscato via Shana Janelle

I just watched one of my favorite makeup artist, Shana Janelle , newest video on YouTube.  Oh Em Gee!!!!!  I learned so much in this short video...well 20 minute video lol...and I'm soooo amazed!  Now you guys know that I am no MUA or anything like that...I just love makeup/fashion/beauty.  So any time I get to watch her and any other professional MUAs I get super excited.  Now the video she just posted was an event she attended "Makeup & Moscato" where she got to learn from the very talented Rondell Johnson.  Visit his site here:  The makeup professionals, and some who are just starting out, got the opportunity to mix and mingle with other makeup enthusiasts as well as have a Q&A session with Rondell himself.  Many of the questions that the ladies asked, were questions I've had myself.  So it was very nice to get the answers...or should I say, be guided in the right direction to get the answers to these questions.  Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ELF Glitter Palette Series Green & Blue

Check out the series me and my girl Naima aka FancyLibra27 are doing. This is the first look using the ELF glitter eyeshadow palette...very bright green and blue. Hope you enjoy!