Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Discounts for Drugstore Beauty Club Members

Have you signed up for CVS' beauty club? NO??? Well what are you waiting for??? For every $50 you spend...you get $5.00 extra care bucks. And being as though we do makeup and drugstore products are of a better quality these days...it's easy to spend that $50! Plus have you seen some of their sale items that are 50% - 75% off??? Milani...Revlon...Wet n' Wild...Physicians Formula....Sally Hansen...if you haven't checked them out yet, surely you must! What I do (got this tip from my girl Naima) is pick up what I want and then go to the price checker scanner thing to see if they are on sale...that's if they aren't marked with a sticker. You'll be surprised at the savings. Check out my recent CVS haul video to see what I got on sale :)  And don't forget to check out your local drug store to see if they too have a beauty club :)



  1. I got Kaitlyn some really great Milani eyeshadows at CVS over the weekend, and they were 75% off! And GLITTERY! I love me sosme CVS!

    1. Yes!!!!! I know how she loves glitter :)