Thursday, June 16, 2011

Burlington Haul

So hubby and I decided to do a little shopping last Sunday. We thought to go to Burlington...nice prices and some good finds. The one in Annapolis is really nice.  Like you know sometimes you go into a store like that and there's just sooooo much stuff.  It seems like everything is all over the place and sizes just everywhere.  This one is not like that...things are pretty neat and it's not a lot of people shopping there either. Ha...A Burlington commercial just came on! Lol Anyway, here is what I got.  Enjoy!


BCBG Grey sheer ruffle shirt $4.98

Grey cardigan $12.99

Keneth Cole Black short sleeved sweater $14.99

Green cargos $24.99

Red striped button up shirt $9.99

Black gladiator zip back sandals $12.99