Monday, April 2, 2012

My First MUA Event

This weekend I was put to the test and I think I passed. I posted recently about how I wondered if I should take a leap of faith and pursue what I really and beauty and fashion. So, the day after I posted that I got an email from my go-to MUA, Shana Janelle.  She said there was a fashion show coming up and they were in need of makeup artists! What??? And you're calling me??? I'm thinking...ok, she wants me to be her I can get an up close look at what I'll be getting myself into and I can see if his is really the shift I want to make. Boy was I wrong! She couldn't make the event so she asked me if I wanted to do it! *blankstare* Me?? Can I do this?? Am I good enough of to pull this off?? I had a million questions, I was nervous and my heart was racing! But...obviously Shana thought enough of me to ask and thought I was perfect for the job. So...I strapped on my big girl pants and accepted the challenge. 

The event was the Sisters In Harmony Knowledge Tour.  In addition to the authors they had speaking throughout the day and the vendors with all type of fun things, there was a fashion show featuring designs from Phine Phit Phashions

Now the young lady that I had the pleasure to work with, Shalia Ali, is an up and coming makeup artist just like me. So we both had butterflies and were a little nervous about the event.  We planned out what type of looks we would do and what we should pack in our kits…you know, dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s.  So the night before the show, I sat and looked at my kit for a very long time.  Did I have everything?  Did I need to make a last minute run to Walmart to pick up anything?  At about 1am I though…”Mickey, go to sleep!  You’ve got a big day ahead of you.” 

The next morning I got an awful text from Shalia…we were no longer going to be doing the event due to some communication issues.  *insert crying face here* I was super upset about this.  My first experience as an MUA was almost null and void.  But thanks to Shalia’s persistence, she got in touch with the designer herself and inquired if she still needed MUAs for the event.  Mind you…it’s about 3:30pm and the show was to start at 7pm.  YIKES!!!  Shalia texted me and the fire was lit under my feet.  Hopped in the shower, got the kids ready to go to their grandparent’s house, luckily my kit was still packed, and I ran out the door. 

We made it there by 5pm which was not bad considering all that had taken place early in the day.  We get there and there’s a handful of models there bustling about, getting themselves prepared for the show.  We set up our area and start beating some faces (no models were hurt in the beating of their faces lol).  Many of the girls were somewhat young and didn’t need the whole kit and caboodle done to their faces.  Shalia and I had really nice FOTD’s and the girls decided that those were the two looks that they wanted.  Those that wanted Shalia’s look went to her and those that wanted my look came to me.  I think each of us did about 3-4 faces each.  Most of them got their eyes, cheeks and lips done.  Pretty easy for our first time out the box.  Everyone loved their looks and was happy at how the makeup turned out.    

Here are the few pictures that I was able to get from the event.  I think next time we will have to take someone along to take before/after pictures and pictures of us doing what we do lol.

Stay tuned for my next post on what this first MUA event has taught me.


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  1. So happy for you! I am glad you were able to have and enjoy your first experience. :)