Sunday, April 24, 2011

K&G Haul

I always thought K&G was a men’s store with suits and stuff.  Boy was I wrong.  My husband was in a wedding last Saturday and the fellas got their suits from K&G.  I decided to ride along with him just to see what they had in the store.  To my amazement it was just like a TJ Maxx or Burlington or Marshalls.  They had lots of brands at very very low prices.  I didn’t get a chance to really look in the store good so I decided to google them to see if they had website and they did!!! 

So, I found a look that I wanted to recreate…

and thought that I’d search K&G to see what I could find.  Well…here is what I put together (minus the clutch…and I’m sure for a whole lot less :) )

(This is MY interpretation of the look…the way I see MYSELF with this look.  Yes I know it’s not exact, and the colors are different, but again, this is Mickey’s interpretation of this look J )

Kenneth Cole Reaction Grey Ruffled Blouse $19.99
Ruffled collar buttons in the back (single button) and it’s cinched at the waist.  I decided that this was the type of blouse I could tuck in and it give you a different look.

AK Anne Klein Black Stretch Skirt $19.99…on sale for $9.99
It was a belted, high-waisted pencil skirt with a little stretch in it.  However, I did not end up wearing this skirt because I ordered a size too small and the store didn’t have my size. L  So I wore just a simple a-line black skirt that I’ve had for a while. I ended up exchanging the skirt for some perfume.

Nine West Angel Eyes Black Lattice Peep-Toe Pumps $19.99…on sale for $9.99
Stylish pumps by Nine West have thin straps around the front, a zipper in the back and a stacked stiletto heel.  I did not wear these because it was raining. L But the weather is starting to break so I’m going to finally get to wear these.

I also got…

Dark-Wash Distressed Jeans $19.99…on sale for $9.99
Skinny jeans with paint splatters and worn patches. I needed some jeans and I thought these were a little unique.  I like the cut…they fit my curves lol so…why not for $9.99???

Robert Louis White Ruffled Blouse $9.99
Loose and silky, this blouse sports ruffles, buttons and lightly textured material. I liked this blouse more online than I did when I got it.  It was just ok.
I was impressed over all.  I’ll definitely order something from them again.  Let me know what you all think. 


  1. I have never thought about looking into this store, heck I dont even know where one is but that Kenneth Cole blouse is enough to make me want to look into it! Great post!

  2. I need those 9West shoes!!

  3. They still have them...but they aren't on sale anymore. $19.99 is still a good price. And they have like a nude/grey color I'm thinking about getting too.

  4. Her shakey ass legs do not need that heel.....lls They are cute though