Saturday, April 27, 2013

Brows Brows Brows...

I got a question on Instagram last week about a possible dupe for MAC Spiked brow pencil, which is described as a Rich Brunette color.  I needed to do some research as I don't own the pencil myself (I know...bad me) however, I do plan on getting it when I make my next MAC run.  Now what I found is this...NYX Slim Eye Pencil in Light Brown which is described as well, light brown and Taupe which is a soft medium brown.  (See swatches of both pencils below.)  I also had Milani's EasyBrow pencil in Dark Brown, but I gave it away to my niece who has very dark brows as it was way too dark for me.  And I also had slight difficulty using it because I had too heavy a hand when trying to apply it to my brows.  While I believe MAC's Spiked is slightly darker, I think NYX's Light Brown would be a great alternative (not necessarily a dead on dupe).  


  1. A Spot on dupe for MAC's Spiked brow pencil is one that is sadly discontinued but, can be found in some dollar trees. The product is Maybelline's Define-a-Brow in dark brown.

    1. I've heard that the Define-a-brow is a dupe, but I've been hunting for it and can't find. :( I'm going to keep looking though :)