Tuesday, June 11, 2013

About Faces Makeup Class

I attended my very first makeup class this past Sunday!!! Yaaayyyyy!!!  The class was taught by the awesome Brittany Rogers (Check out her twitter and instagram here) and held at Studio 223. It was sponsored by LA Girl Cosmetics, Sylk Cosmetics, and Key2Impressions. Here is a little more information about Brittany via RawArtists:
"Brittany Rogers has been a Make-up Artist just a few years, but has been enhancing faces since high school.  Brittany born in Washington D.C always had a sense of style and a creative ability.  Brittany studied Make-up artistry at Bennett Career Institute, in a little over a year, Brittany had worked on up to three hundred faces of different skins tones, textures and types.  Brittany has been the Key Makeup Artist for Emerge Fashion runway show for New York fashion week and at such a young age her work has been published in Touch Magazine and Black Hair Magazine.  Today you can find Brittany creating new looks, sweating it out on the location of a photo-shoot or putting final touches on flawless face"

I was really excited about taking this class as it was my first real makeup class and I am eager to to get out there and start creating my portfolio. What I wanted to get out of this class was the fundamentals...you know, the basics. And Brittany taught us just that. She outlined everything step by step...the way you would normally do a face of makeup. Now while I think that one should learn from many sources and tailor to their own needs...I believe she helped us create the foundation on how to complete a clean face of makeup. 

We briefly talked about skin care and she told us some of her go-to products for maintaining healthy skin.  We also discussed the different skin types (normal, dry, oil, and combination) and what products to use and not to use on each.  She mentioned exfoliating at least twice a week, but too much may harm your skin.  Brittany also emphasized the importance of your diet...fruits, veggies, and water is a must!  

She then started to talk about "Prep/Prime/Moisturize" (but not in that order)...that was a little jingle that Brittany taught us to remember how we should start off each and every makeup look.  I hadn't been in the habit of using a primer but I have a few of them on my "to get" list.  We then went into brows and she let us know that they should be sisters...not twins or cousins lol.  I made note of another product that I will be getting (NYX auto brow pencil) as my Kevyn Aucoin one is on it's last leg (insert sad face here). We moved on to concealers (thank you LA Girl for my new Pro Concealer) and correctors and the uses for each color (green, orange, purple, yellow, pink ,and grey).  Brittany explained the various types of foundations (cream, stick. liquid, iridescent, and sheer or tinted moisturizers) and also guided us on how to determine peoples undertones.  She told us the consistency of each and how they should be applied.  Now the next thing we talked about was where I get the most nervous...highlighting and contouring.  She gave us a face chart (click here to see an example) and shared with us exactly how to get from the face chart to a perfectly blended finish.  Before attempting to apply everything to our own faces, we quickly talked about blush placement (by the way, I had been applying mine somewhat wrong...eek!) and bronzing.  

I learned so much from this class and it really helped me to know where I need to practice and polish my skills.  Brittany was a great teacher and was able to answer any question that was thrown her way.  Her team of assistants was very helpful as well...thank you to them.  And her family was extra sweet and very supportive of her.  She will be having more classes coming up soon and I will be sure to let all of you know when they are and how you can register. If you're just starting out in the makeup artistry industry like me...you won't want to miss her classes!

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