Friday, July 8, 2011

Just go away!!! LOL

So my homegirl and go to MUA Shana Janelle is doing a 30 day challenge on YouTube (click here for Shana's video) and posted a very interesting video yesterday talking about beauty trends that you wish would go away.  So I thought I'd blog about what she had to say.  This crackle polish fad…UGH!  Everybody and their grandma, momma, sister, and little cousin have gone mad with this phase.  I thought it was different and kinda cool when I first heard about it.  But now…not so much.  I think that maybe on one nail as a design type thing is cool…but every nail and all these colors just drives me insane! Lol  She also mentioned buying every new product that comes out.  I can’t comment much on this because…well, I’m cheap and I don’t want to spend too much money on anything lol.  But I understand what she means because I see the gurus on YouTube and as soon as some new line or collection comes out everybody is purchasing the whole line/collection and doing a review on it.  I can’t…  The last thing that stuck out in my mind is the thought that every part of your face has to be done when you wear make up out.  I personally don’t think you have to have on shadow and bronzer and blush and contour and bright lips and filled in brows etc…etc…especially for everyday make up.  I’m very simple (unless I’m feeling like wearing something bright) with my everyday make up.  A nice smokey or neutral eye with some eyeliner and mascara and lip gloss does me just fine.  I feel like sometimes folks do too much with their make up when going to work or a night out.  But that’s just me…my personal opinion…the way I feel…but I digress…  Basically, I whole heartedly agree with what my girl had to say.  Give me some feedback…how do you feel about these topics?  And what are some trends (make up, fashion, or anything in general) that you wish would go away???


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